Manny Pacquiao admitted the fact that his mom has a boyfriend. Though this is the issue nowadays, Manny is still not amenable to that. According to him, it is not proper for her mom to have a boyfriend of have a relationship with anyone since she is married to her first husband whom she had  two older children. Manny expressed his disagreement on his mom’s decision though he revealed that there is really something happening on the life of his mom.

With Rosalio Pacquiao, Mommy D has four children namely Isidra, Manny, Bobby and Rogelio. Mommy D and Rosalio were together for 20 years and then separated. Manny then advised his mom to follow God instead of his own desires. As what we all know, Manny is an Evangelical Christian and is involved in church ministries. He is also given chances to preach and involve in worship services.

Manny Pacquiao Confirmed that Mommy D Has a Boyfriend

When Mommy D was asked about the issue, she denied that she has a boyfriend or in a relationship with anyone. In fact, she said that she has many suitors but it’s really up to her if she will give into them for it is hard to choose.

As we have known, Mommy D is one of the most supportive mothers in the world especially during the fight of his son Manny. She is also very active in showbiz and following her heart’s desire through her lifestyle. Mommy D deserves to be happy but there are things to consider, especially on the part of Manny. We know that this mother loves her son so much and probably we can expect more of her actions on November as her son will set foot on the ring once again to fight an American boxer younger than him.

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