Lyca Gairanod is the first-ever The Voice Kids Philippines Grand Champion. The grand champion named Lyca Gairanod, a 9-year-old from Tanza,  Cavite, received 1 million pesos plus a recording contract of one year from MCA Universal, house and lot, a musical instrument showcase, and a home appliance showcase.

For Lyca Gairanod, it is so sweet to taste the victory for she is the very first The Voice Kids grand champion. Lyca came from a very simple family and she always had this dream of giving her family a nice place to live. Because of her victory in the recently concluded The Voice Kids, her dreams came true more than what she desired. She was so emotional during the time her name was announced as the very first grand champion.

Lyca Gairanod is the First Ever The Voice Kids Philippines Grand Champion
Watch Lyca Gairanod performed 'Basang-basa sa Ulan' on The Voice Kids PH Grand Finale here.

Lyca has a powerful voice. When you hear her sing, you may think that she is an Aegis member, well, probably junior Aegis. Her performance of “Basang Basa sa Ulan” made the audience stand and shout out loud. Lyca captured the hearts of the Filipino people that is why they voted her to be the very first grand champion. She is truly an inspiration to those who are dreamers to never stop dreaming and continue doing their best in order to become successful.

Lyca Gairanod got the highest number of votes that is why she was declared the champion. Following her was Darren Espanto as 2nd Place, then Juan Karlos Labajo as 3rd Place and Darlene Vibares as 4th Place. With Lyca’s victory, this is surely an eye opener to those who would like to succeed, that poverty and socio-economic condition is not a hindrance.
Lyca Gairanod got the highest number of votes that is why she was declared the champion. Following her was Darren Espanto as 2nd Place, then Juan Karlos Labajo as 3rd Place and Darlene Vibares as 4th Place.

The social networking sites were flooded with words of gratitude and “congratulations” to the very first grand champion. And because of what happened, Lyca and her family now has a new life – a better one. Congratulations!

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