If there is one particular teen actress of this generation that is so promising, she would be Kathryn Bernardo. We have known her to be Daniel Padilla’s love team in movies, TV shows, and others. Since the success of Mara Clara and Got to Believe, Kathryn Bernardo became popular on television after her graduation in Goin’ Bulilit.

Aside from being an actress in movies and television shows, Kathryn also has another career. And right now, she is a fashionista. This happened after she posted in Metro Magazine which is available in bookstores, iTunes and Zinio. Kathryn posed during a pictorial in Metro Magazine that caught the attention of many fans out there.

Look: Kathryn Bernardo Now a Fashionista on Metro Magazine

When she was interviewed, Kathryn Bernardo revealed her dream roles in Metro magazine which is being an action star holding a gun. Aside from this, she also wants to portray a vampire. Kathryn has several influences that gave her the urge to become a fashionista and they are Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart.

Time is ticking so fast and Kathryn is about to turn into a woman soon. With this, we can expect a lot of several roles in movies and television from her. Buy Abunda once said that Kathryn Bernardo is the next superstar. Aside from having a beautiful face, Kathryn also has the capacity to become a fashionista.
Her current project is She’s Dating the Gangster with Daniel Padilla which is inspired on a story first written in wattpad. Kathryn is the next big thing!

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