The fifth battle in Team Sarah was among Kyle, Khen and Rica. It was a tough battle knowing the fact that Coach Sarah had a very hard time choosing who among them will advance to the sing-offs. But then only one prevailed. Before that, there was an intense training on the three since Coach Sarah will have to see to it that they are doing well in terms of the diction and notes which are two important factors in singing. They were called “Powerpuff Girls” and there was a comment from their coach that during their training, as time passed by, they were losing their enjoyment and that should not be the case.

During the performance, Kyle started singing their piece “Telephone” which was an energetic song. It was followed by the girl from Bacolod named Khen and then lastly, Rica. It was an incredible performance among the three who competed well by showing their best. The choreography was great along with the angst.

Kyle Won Over Rica and Khen for The Sing-offs of The Voice Kids Philippines

Coach Bamboo commented on Kyle as someone who is soulful, Rica sang naturally and he said he remembered Khen. Coach Lea said that the performance of the three was like they were recording. Kyle was so serious, Khen performed well and Rica sang with so much fun. Though the two coaches had their comments and choices since Coach Bamboo chose Rica and Coach Lea Kyle, Coach Sarah was the official judge who will announce who among the three will advance to the sing-offs. The choice of Coach Sarah was Kyle. She possessed the angst and she remembered everything that her coach taught her. Rica on the other hand had the fire while Khen sang naturally.

The kids did a great job and that made their coach very proud of them. Let’s see how Kyle perform on the sing-offs.

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