Paolo Bediones was born on March 17, 1974 and is a Filipino TV host, entrepreneur, actor, journalist, and radio commentator. Before Paolo got into the abovementioned fields, he was first a commercial model. When we think of Paolo Bediones, we cannot avoid thinking of GMA’s Extra Challenge and Survivor Philippines since he was the host of the two programs. His complete name is Paolo Antonio Barba Bediones and currently 40 years old.

Talking about Paolo’s accomplishment in terms of television shows, he appeared in Channel S, Mornings@GMA, Gameplan, Extra! Extra!, Extra Showbiz, Extra Income, Extra Ordinaryo, The Great Globe Adventure, S Files, Extra Challenge Reloaded, Pinoy Meets World, Aksyon, Demolition Job, Astig and many more. Paolo can truly work on different working environments because of his intellectual skills.

Know More About Paolo Bediones the Biography

In terms of radio programs, Paolo was in Trabaho Lang with Paolo and Cherie as a host in Radyo5 92.3 News FM / AksyonTV, and as a host again in Sakto kay Paolo, Sakto rin kay Cherie on the same news FM. In terms of movies, Paolo also had roles. In fact, he appeared as Newscaster in Shake, Rattle and Roll IX, as Haring Bantayan in Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom, and as Teddy in Walang Kapalit. He also had so many awards and recognitions all throughout his career.

With regards to the current issue of Paolo Bediones, there is this news spreading about his alleged scandal video with an actress. Though this is so, a certain blogger said that Paolo admitted that he really did have a scandal video with a starlet but they already destroyed the video so that it will not spread anymore. The thing now is what could be the effect of this issue on Paolo’s career. Let us hope that things will get better. One of the big question about this issue is that "Who is the Girl behind Alleged Paolo Bediones Viral Video Scandal?"

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