Palawan is famous for its nature-clad environment suitable for those who are fond of adventure and the like. The crystal cave in Puerto Princes is a tourist attraction that has so many visits a year. This increased the tourism of the place. But we will not talk about the “crystal cave” this time since another tourist attraction in Palawan has emerged and turned out to be a place to go for those who are craving for more of nature. This time, we are going to Mini Underground River in Quezon, Palawan Quezon, Palawan.

This was recently discovered. In order to get there, there is a need to walk until the entrance of the cave is reached. Upon arriving there, a ritual is done to give honor to the cave. Entering the cave would allow someone to see a different rock formations created in time. Inside the cave is a mini underground river with a waterfall. The water of the waterfall came from the top of the cave.

Know More About Mini Underground River in Quezon, Palawan

This is newly discovered and it means to say that its original beauty is preserved. If you would like to have an adventure despite the fact that it is rainy days, you can come and visit this mini underground river in Quezon, Palawan.

Truly, our country is filled with wonders as another tourist attraction unfolded. Palawan is one of the most favorite places to go especially during summer by those who would like to enjoy the beautiful beaches, islands and caves. With its well-maintained environment, one will be able to see how beautiful God’s creation is.

Take a trip to Palawan and see these places that are presented in this article. And also, do not miss the mini underground river that is coming to its popularity. You will surely have good memories entering the cave.

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