China Roces is a Filipina model and actress who is currently living in Makati City, Philippines. She is 22 years old and has worked in several companies such as Tanduay, Burker King, and FilAsia. If you are wondering why is it that her name is China, well, this is based on a famous street in Manila. China may not be that famous to all, but she exists in the industry.

China said that she is supposedly a member of a girl group called “Street Beauties” on which their names are based on the famous street in the metro. To name some, they are Timmy Morato, Auraro Boulevard, and China Roces. So if you are thinking about a certain street, you might think of China because it was on the streets where her name was taken.

Know More About China Roces the Biography

China’s latest issue nowadays is the alleged video scandal video with the 40-year old TV personality Paolo Bediones. When the video was released, there were so many people who have confirmed that the video was really Paolo and on the part of China, she denied the alleged video to be her.

The management of TV5 has already received the information of the issue and despite the fact that Paolo is on the issue, they still back him. They look at the issue as something personal. China Roces is nowadays referred to as the one on the video but it is still early to conclude. Watching the video could give someone his or her idea of whether China was there or not.

This is another issue that should be tackled and known very well. China may or may not be the one on the video and we do hope and pray that the real justice will be served to the victims of this particular scandal.

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