While Hayden Kho’s camp is celebrating over the return of his license after it was taken from him in 2009 due to a video scandal that spread online, Katrina Halili’s camp feels the opposite. In fact, they claim that the process was hastened and it has not reached 2 years of revocation. They believe that the counting of days should begin the moment the Court of Appeals made its final decision in 2012. Atty. Raymond Palad said that the date for filing for petition should be on July 27, 2014 and it was too early.

Katrina Halili Camp Plans to Question PRC for Returning Hayden Kho’s License

We have known from the past that Hayden Kho was involved in a video scandal with Katrina Halili that spread online. Halili’s camp filed a case against him that made his medical license gone in his hand. Hayden was given something like a rehabilitation process that will test him whether he has changed or not. Recently, Hayden was involved in a religious group of Dr. Ravi Zacharias and that gave a hint that the doctor has changed.

Here is again another issue of the date of giving back Kho’s license on which Halili’s camp believe that PRC made a mistake in their decision of bringing back to Kho his medical license this early. There is an issue on the counting of days and years. Because of this, they are planning to question the decision of PRC.  Atty. Raymond Palad clarified that it was not against Hayden but on the practice.

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