The sing-offs on Team Bamboo happened with only two young artists were chosen to advance to the semi-finals of the competition. There were 6 kids who competed for the slots and the 6 of them were winners in the battles composed of three per performance.

After the six of them performed on the stage and did their best in order to convince Coach Bamboo to pick them and include in the list of two kids who will advance, the first to give their opinions were Coaches Sarah and Leah.

Update: Summary of Semi-Finals of The Voice Kids Philippines with hashtag #TVKSemiFinals

Juan Karlos and Edray of Team Bamboo Advanced to the Semi-finals on The Voice Kids PH
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The 6 kids who competed with the sing-offs on Team Bamboo were the following:

1. Stacy

The first one to perform was the good-looking Stacy with Payphone by Maroon 5. Stacy looked good in the competition wherein she showed her best without any hassles on her voice. Stacy according to Coach Sarah was effortless on her singing and that made her more competent. Her voice was excellent and according to Coach Bamboo everything was natural and it was good.

2. Gem

The second kid who performed was Gem with the song Iingatan Ka by Carol Banawa. It was a very emotional moment for Gem as she did her best in order to stun the audience. Coach Lea said that her voice was very clear and very good to listen to. Coach Bamboo said that at the beginning he was already captivated. The first impression of the song made the rock icon very proud of her.

3. Juan Karlos

Juan was the third young artist who performed. This kid is very positive and joyful. He performed the song “Stay” that made the listeners connect with him. This was seconded by Coach Lea wherein she said that Juan Karlos can connect to them and it did happened to her too. Coach Bamboo became emotional when he was about to speak. Bamboo was captivated with Juan Karlos’ performance.

4. Edray

Edray was the fourth performer who really impressed a lot of listeners. She performed Tulak ng Bibig Kabig ng Dibdib which is a classic OPM song. The song really connected to the audience especially to the coaches. Coach Sarah said that Edray knew exactly where to put herself in the song. Coach Bamboo was simply impressed of her. And another thing, Edray joined the competition for her haters. Edray did an amazing job.

5. Borge

If there is one particular kid who joined the competition who dreamed of having his own concert, it would be Borge. Borge has a very high hopes and dreams in life. He performed Scared to Death by KV Tnadingan and that made Coach Sarah appreciate him for he knew exactly how to control his voice. She also commented on him as someone with a very rich voice. Coach Bamboo was also impressed of him. He said that Borge knew exactly the genre of his voice and the kind of song to sing.

6. Nathan

The last but not the least performer was Nathan. Nathan though small, was terrible. He performed It’s My Life by Bon Jovi that has shown his being a rock star. We knew from the beginning that Nathan was a fighter and he will do his best in order to win the competition. Nathan was complimented by two coaches namely Coach Lea and his own Coach Bamboo.

Starting with Coach Sarah, she picked Edray and Gem. Coach Lea picked Edray and Juan Karlos. Though the two had their own choices of kids, it was Coach Bamboo’s decision that will be official. Coach Bamboo in the end picked Juan Karlos and Edray. Congratulations to the two young artists who made it to the live semi-finals.

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