Joshua Expressed His Feelings Towards Jane and Joshua said "Love You" to Jane. It has been a long discussed issue with regards to the feelings of Joshua towards Jane. The thing is there was no confirmation from Joshua himself before that is why things were vague. But since there was this glimpse on one episode of the PBB about what might happen, this is a good issue to tackle since the two had been into ups and downs of friendship inside the PBB house.

Joshua had been showing some unexplainable behaviors inside the house even before Jane’s debut and that became a puzzle to all, especially to the viewers. Inside the PBB house, Joshua and Jane’s misunderstandings remain for so many days already.

Joshua Garcia Expressed His Feelings Towards Jane Oineza Saying 'Love You'

There are housemates who are already meddling like Loisa for example wherein the information given to her according to Jane was not the same as what she has said and that caused another problem.

It was also evident on the face of Joshua the jealous thing that he also admitted when Jane danced with a basketball player who happened to be her suitor outside of the PBB house. With these issues, what could be the result of Joshua’s admitting her feelings towards Jane

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