14 years is long enough, but for Jessy Mendiola, this is a new beginning for her and her father for they reunited once again. Jessy’s picture in her Instagram account became trending with her father Roger from the country Bahrain. According to a report, it was her father who made a way in order for them to meet.  What’s so sweet about the meeting of the two is that Jessy’s father called her “My Princess.” Roger, Jessy’s father will stay in the Philippine for two week in order to spend time with her daughter he hasn’t met for 14 years.

Jessy Mendiola’s full name is Jessie Mendiola Tawile and became famous for the remake of Maria Mercedes which is a classic Mexican telenovela. With Jessy’s success, her father is surely very proud of her. Jessy broke down tears when she saw her father. All they did was hugging and crying.

Jessy Mendiola Reunited with Dad After 14 Years

According to Jessy’ “I forgot where I was and cried like a child, thanking God he gave me another chance to see him again. June 29, 2014. One perfect Sunday.” She was very thankful that she was given a chance to see her father again after a long time.

Jessy already expected a reunion with her father after a photo was uploaded in her Instagram account with her photo when she was a child with her father on Father’s Day. The photo was captioned. “Happy father's day Papa. I love you so much and I'll see you very very soon.

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