The competition continued for the housemates inside the PBB House since they were given five activities to go through. Of the five tasks or activities, the housemate should see to it that he or she will win three of them or they will be nominated. The challenge was between the teen housemates and adults. They will be the ones who will choose who among their counterparts will be their challenger. Jane, Daniel and Cheridel were Nominated in PBB All In 10

The housemates did their best in order to win the challenge and be safe from possible eviction brought about by nomination. This was the twist of the nomination night since they will not do the usual thing that they’ve been doing to nominate someone. This time it will be in the form of competition through tasks given ahead of them.

Jane, Daniel and Cheridel were Nominated in PBB All In 10

Jane was the first one to be nominated due to the fact that Fifth won over her 3 – 0 in their tasks.Fifth then comforted Jane who was emotional that time. The next to be nominated was Daniel wherein he faced Joshua with a score of 3 -1. Daniel accepted his failure and he was the second housemate to be nominated. The third one was Cheridel, the “elevator girl.” Cheridel was unable to defeat Maris on their tasks that made her the third person to be nominated. The score was 3 -1.

Emotions flew when the housemates discussed about the competition. A good example was Loisa and Maris. Maris during that time was emotional saying that she is not competitive. Her friend Loisa then comforted her saying that she doesn’t need to be competitive. The competition was there and she needed to fight. It was a different angle of being competitive.

There are still two battles that we need to watch out tomorrow wherein Fourth will face Manolo and Loisa will face Vickie.

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