This issue has become sensational after the grandmother of the baby who was undergoing baptism was uploaded on her Facebook account. The video was uploaded on Sunday wherein the mother of the child was allegedly humiliated by the priest who held the ceremony for baptism of the baby.

The video that was uploaded by Jieve Daitol Frias and has circulated over the net because it was shared so many times in social media by concerned netizens. The priest in charge of baptism was Fr. Romeo Ubach of the Sacred Heart Chaplaincy in Eversely Child Sanitarium in Cebu.

The Issue About a Mother Humiliated by a Priest During Her Baby’s Baptism on Cebu

The flow of the priest’s statements humiliated the mother of the child since he emphasized the idea that whether she was not ashamed that she had a baby with someone she is not married to. According to the priest, the mother sinned because she slept with a man that is not her wife but the baby did not sin. What made the mother feel hurt was when the priest said that the consequences of her action will be passed to the child because she was born out of sin. A number of 10,697 times became the video’s Facebook share in the said social media.

The mother thanked those who have sympathized and have shared the video in Facebook. She believe that instead of humiliating someone during ceremonies such as what happened, he should give them something to think about that would surely inspire.

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