Selfies is a natural thing nowadays due to the improvement and advancement of technology. This is the reason that is considered upon the possession of five students on which according to the principal of the school, they suddenly became hysterical during their class. The selfies of the five students was done near the duhat tree wherein according to those who reside in the area is a place where evil spirits dwell that caused the possession of the five students. It started last week wherein three of them were possessed.

Because of this issue, the principal of the school talked to the local priest to bless the classroom followed by a stress debriefing on the students in order to manage their trauma on what happened. Aside from the angle of being possessed by evil spirits, psychologists believe that the students may be suffering from emotional stress that is why they experienced such.

The Issue About Five Students in La Union Possessed Due to Selfies

The issue now is whether the students were possessed due to selfies or it has something to do with the condition of their physical body along with their emotions and the like. This news has spread that caught the curiosity of the people.

The name of the students along with the school is not mentioned for security. May the stress debriefing of the students become successful as they went through such horrible experiences. We’ll update you soon about the outcome of the students on their stress debriefing if a news will be released.
Source: ABS-CBN

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