I have so many accounts online. I make use of them in order to exist and do the things that I need to do to fulfill my duties. And since I also have connected my bank account online, I need to protect these accounts from potential hackers and scammers. I have conceived in mind some ways on how to protect your account passwords online.

Create passwords that are not easily guessed. The reason why there are accounts that are easily hacked is because of very simple passwords. The best thing to do is make your password hard for everyone to guess. In that way, they will be able to abstain from guessing. Include numbers and capitalization in your password.

How to Guard Your Account Passwords Online

Never click “remember password” during your account login. When you are making use of others’ computer, do not save your password because the next user found him logged in to your account. It will be a problem to you once he will abuse or take advantage of your account. It will be much painful if it is your bank account.

Do not make use or give your account easily. There are so many services online that will require you to give your account and it is not proper to do this. This is due to the fact that there are so many spam sites that are taking advantage of others’ accounts. Be aware of this matter.

Protecting your account online is a must. You must be aware of its bad effects on you so that you will learn to value your privacy online against intruders.

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