The popularity of blogs nowadays is unbelievable and there are so many blogs in the future that will rise. In a segment of Bandila, the ways on how to make money online through blogs are discussed though not in an in depth manner.

Earning money, while doing your hobby online is the best thing to do if you would like to blog. This is due the fact that you are trying to follow your dreams and having pleasure with it. On the news, two bloggers who are both lawyers and friends started their personal blog about fashion due to the fact that they love to hang out and they have this kind of night life. Camille and Vivian started making the blog “The Soshal Network” that got so many readers. They are both serious with their professions and they love what they are doing.

Here's How to Earn Money from Blogging in Simple and Amazing Ways

According to a certain web technician, in order for someone to earn money online through blogs, google will place ads in them and when visitors will click on the ads placed, there is an income. The good thing about blogging is that this is not just limited to writing since there are bloggers out there who are making money through their graphic designs, animations, etc. It means to say that blogging has so many phases.

It is also possible to earn money even if you do not have your own blog since there are social networking sites out there that are allowing their users to earn money. It is also possible to earn money by uploading original videos online.

With the increase in the possibilities of earning money online, we can say that this is really the year for blogging. And another good thing about blogging is that you can still earn money even though your article is already old.

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