The first battle is something difficult to judge due to the fact that the three young artists differ in their musical style. This has given coach Sarah something to think about that really challenged her especially during the training. Coach Sarah taught Gab, Musika and Mitz to smile always during their performances. This lightened their day and gave them rapport that they can use to have a good performance.

While on the process of training, Gab became emotional when she remembered her grandmother who died. This was the time when the three had an open forum with their coach to discuss several matters. Coach Sarah reminded them also to do their best and give their efforts despite the fact that the song that they were about to sing was so simple, “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.

Gab Won Over Musika and Mitz on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines

During the performance proper, the three performed excellently with the blending of their voices. It was amazing how the three managed to combine their voices and worked out their performance though they differ in genre. It reflected on how their coach trained them well.

Coach Bamboo said that Musika was so bubbly because of her voice. He also said that there was something like clarity with Gab’s performance but still he chose her. Coach Leah chose Mitz because of the clarity of her voice. When it comes to Coach Sarah, she explained that Musika had a voice wherein there was no need to push, Gab had a rich voice while Mitz had a voice that resembled Vanessa Carlton. She even said that Mitz was like a CD because of the quality. In the end, it was Gab whom Coach Sarah chose. Gab was the first one who entered the live semi-finals from Team Sarah. If you want to see her perform again, watch out for the live semi-finals.

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