Fourth Solomon, “Brad Bait ng Pasay” was evicted from the PBB house for garnering the smallest number of votes. Fourth Solomon was the fifteenth housemate who entered the Big Brother HouseHe has a twin brother called Fifth Solomon. Fourth is dubbed as “Brad Bait ng Pasay” and he is different in so many things as compared to his brother Fifth. Fourth is dedicated to showing his own skills, different from his twin. The complete name of Fourth is Bobby Solomon.

The result of the 9th eviction night of PBB All In has given Fourth, one of the housemates, its exit from the house. Fourth was one of the nominated housemates along with Loisa, Vickie and Fifth. Last night, that was on Saturday, two of the housemates were saved from being evicted and they were Loisa and Fifth. And on the Sunday episode of PBB, it was between Vickie and Fourth who will be evicted.
Fourth Solomon Evicted from PBB All In 9th Eviction Night July 20, 2014

The housemates this week was full of surprises and challenges and one of the highlights is with regards to the situation of Vickie’s relationship with Jason Abalos who is also an ABS-CBN talent. There was this day inside the house when the housemates were able to receive messages from their family and loved ones regarding their situations after typhoon Glenda. Vickie received only a few words from her boyfriend without “I love you” and that made her feel bad. Big Brother then confronted her and talked about her problems with her relationship.
This indicates the percentage of votes received by each housemate that is nominated.  Loisa – 43.58% Vickie – 22.96% Fifth – 17.84% Fourth – 15.62%

Going back to the live eviction night, one of the two housemates was about to exit and in the end, it was Fourth. Looking at the statistics of the eviction night, here they are. This indicates the percentage of votes received by each housemate that is nominated.

With the above data, it is confirmed that Fourth was the one who was about to make an exit from the PBB House. On his exit, he was accompanied by Robi, one of the hosts and on the outside, it was raining. The fans were there along with his mother whom he hugged the most. Fourth assured her mother that he will cook for her. Meanwhile, the remaining housemates inside the PBB house were silent and emotional.

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