The days are passing in the PBB house and four housemates are endangered of getting out of the house due to nominations. This week, there are four of them namely Fifth, Joshua, Jane and Manolo. This is as a result of the “ligtask” challenge of the housemates. The housemates were automatically nominated a few days ago but they were given a chance to remove themselves from the list of nominated housemates through a task of saving one particular housemate. Here are the details why the above mentioned housemates remain in the nomination list.

Fith, Joshua, Jane and Manolo are Nominated as of July 29th on PBB All In

The housemates were nominated because they failed to have the “ligtas” necklace from their respective housemate. That is not just it since they have to go through challenges or obstacles to prove to the housemate that they want to save that they have done their best to save him or her. On the task, almost everyone went through a hard time but succeeded except for Fifth that added Manolo to the list of nominees this week. The initial nominees were Fifth, Joshua and Jane since nobody saved them.

Meanwhile, there was a problem between Joshua and Jane because of the result of the saving. Joshua was not able to save Jane and that made her feel bad about it. In return, Jane did not choose to save any housemate. Jane was automatically nominated.

Who among the housemates that are nominated will get out of the PBB house this week?

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