NO!. This was the direct answer of Enchong Dee when he was asked by host Boy Abunda during an interview in Aquino and Abunda Tonight episode last July 31. The progress of the conversation was Abunda first asked Dee about his having a relationship with different girls and that included courtship. Enchong Dee said that he did not have a relationship with Erich and he did not also court her or planned any. On the other hand, Dee admitted that he was in a relationship with Julia Montes before but their relationship lacked communication because they talk a little.

On the issue of choosing his desired girl for marriage, Abunda asked if Dee preferred marrying a virgin or it would be okay to have someone who is not. Before going directly to the answer, Dee said that each of us has his own perspective regarding the choices. Abunda then asked him about his preference and he explained that he would respect someone who is already not virgin, in short it is okay with Dee to marry someone who is not a virgin anymore.

Enchong Dee’s Answer When He Was Asked if He is Still a Virgin

Then going to a more crucial question, Abunda asked him if he is still a virgin and he answered NO instantly. After that, Dee promoted his show.

This is a very honest answer given by Dee. Well, in my own perspective, there is nothing to worry about being virgin or not, especially if you are a guy. The most important thing is learn from the mistakes of the past and move on to the future. And it is good to know that Dee has this kind of acceptance to someone to marry who is not a virgin anymore. The kind of acceptance is given. This is a very gentle move from the actor.

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