The issue about the alleged undignified ads of maid agencies in Singapore has raised the awareness of human rights groups due to the fact that those who are applying as maids in the said country are marketed like commodities. This is something gross knowing that there are so many Filipinos applying for the job in the said country.

This is now punishable in Singapore that is why the country is dedicated to seeing to it that those who are working as maids in the said country are treated well. The fad nowadays regarding the alleged marketing is that they are sold in terms of promos, etc. The consequence for this is the suspension or revocation of licenses as violators.

Employment Agencies Warned by Singapore Against Maid Marketed as Merchandise

The country has nowadays more than 210,000 women from Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and India. And since they are working to make both ends meet, they should be treated well with dignity and not sold as commodities. The issue spread online wherein a news was reported that it indeed happened in the said country. It was even reported that there were women on the malls applying as maids with people sitting on wheelchairs pretending to be taking care of them.

The condition of life and the desire to give a better future to families are the reasons why they venture abroad to find a job. This should not happen again. The country of Singapore is doing well in stopping this inhuman act. References: Abs-Cbnnews, Interaction

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