With the advancement of technology in mobile phone industry came another proof which is said to be the world’s slimmest smartphone. This mobile phone that started the race in terms of smartphones will be promoted by Ellen Adarna who is said to be the new Philiippine Brand Ambassador for Gionee. The press release of this mobile phone took place in SM North Manila last July 13, 2014 and CenterTechNews was there and witnessed the release of Gionee ELIFE S5.5 which was declared by the CBS Interactive ZOL as the World’s Slimmest Smartphone. And this is something interesting to know about.

One distinct feature of the said mobile phone is that it is made up of 98% metal and glass which makes it both durable and good looking. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 surrounds it for protection purposes, not to mention its Native Damage Resistance. If you would like to have this kind of mobile phone, you will surely become more aware of how things work with this kind of components, well, talking about how it was made and the kind of materials used. Despite being sleek, it is also durable and it doesn’t compromise quality on the inside.

Ellen Adarna on World’s Slimmest Smartphone Gionee ELIFE S5.5 Debutes in the Philippines

If you are going out most of the times due to the fact that you have lots of activities that are mostly, done outdoor, this is the right mobile phone for you. When it comes to battery, it has very high quality and long life. And it is not new to all that one of the qualities of a mobile phone that  go-getters are looking for is the lifespan of the battery. You can enjoy much because of the long life of the battery and you don’t need to charge often. Talking about processor, this mobile phone has octa-core chipset at 1.7GHz. This is already the processor of a laptop. Imagine this kind of specification.

Ellen Adarna on World’s Slimmest Smartphone Gionee ELIFE S5.5 Debutes in the Philippines

Another great feature of Gionee ELIFE S5.5 is that it has an excellent camera quality. It boasts on its 13 megapixel camera that will surely make you capture a lot of good memories on the places where you are going. Things are not just limited to these things with regards to the capacity of the mobile phone that has been released and reached the Philippines.

Ellen Adarna on World’s Slimmest Smartphone Gionee ELIFE S5.5 Debutes in the PhilippinesLooking at the market place of the Philippines in terms of mobile phones, there are so many of them competing. With this new kind of mobile phone that surfaced in the market place, there is a new perspective of what quality is all about. Its video processing and multi-media is excellent for those who are fond of watching, playing and listening to music. This is the ultimate mobile phone for those who are techie type and enjoy possessing high quality gadgets.

You can choose which among the colors available like black, white, blue, pink and purple. Your choice has something to do with your lifestyle so that it will synch with it. Enjoy having this kind of mobile phone that is so slim and sleek in design but not slim in terms of quality. You will surely become more and more aware that there are so many good mobile phones in the market today that are different from what we used to know. The price of this mobile phone in the Philippines is PHP 21,999.00 at the moment and this is retail price. It means to say that there are still adjustments to the price depending on the shop. This is to let you know about the actual price of the gadget so that you will have a point of comparison. The product is already in the Philippine market since July 13, 2014.

If you would like to know more about the product, you can contact Carissa Villacorta, Pauline Mangosing, or Rocel Ann Junio on the following contact numbers +63917-595-5480 / +63922-817-1293 / +63923-369-6398. If you are into sending emails, this is also possible through / /

There are so many things yet to unfold of Gionee S5.5 and you will be the one who can prove about its quality. There are so many reviews soon about the product that will be published online and you need to know more about the product. As of now, the company is trying to reach out each and every Filipino in terms of applications and the like. The good thing about this company is that they are giving contact information for you to know whom you will talk to regarding your concerns on the product after purchasing it.

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