Cheridel, “The Elevator Girl” was evicted from the PBB house for garnering the smallest number of votes. The housemates were emotional with the exit of the housemate who got only 1.23% of votes and stayed inside the PBB house for a short time. Cheridel was met by her husband and child on her exit.

There were so many things that took place inside the PBB house this week and the three of them: Manolo, Cheridel and Daniel. And each of them were given two powers, to save a housemate and to give an automatic nomination. John and Robi were the ones who handed the envelopes to the target housemates.

Elevator Girl Cheridel evicted from PBB All In 8th Eviction Night July 13, 2014

Big Brother in the confession room expressed his appreciation with Cheridel being a housemate for she has shown courage and confidence inside the house and inspired a lot of housemates. She also served as their mother. Big Brother announced about the power that he gave to Cheridel and John and Robi conveyed the message. John gave the red envelope to Manolo meaning he was safe from the nomination. On the other hand, the black envelope was given to Fifth meaning he was automatically nominated.

Things are becoming more exciting and a lot different for the housemates as they face different tasks given by Big Brother. It is too early to say what lies ahead of the housemates and we can say that of the nine of them left, there are so many things that may happen along the way. Keep supporting the housemate of your choice for their remaining days inside the PBB house. Truly, with all the things they went through, they are new creations now. God bless Cheridel and congratulations. You made it. You have shown the real you inside the PBB house.

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