Our country is facing a lot of calamities of different kinds yearly. Because of this, lives and properties are wasted. In relation to this, a study was conducted regarding a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that might hit Metro Manila and Rizal, since these are prone to earthquake along with its nearby provinces. According to the study, if this happens, around 37,000 might die due to the West Marikina Valley Fault.

The said study was conducted for three years in collaboration with the Philippine government to Australian government. Through simulation, a land area of 1,100 hectares would be affected along with the 37,000 people who might die. With regards to the West Marikina Valley Fault, it starts from the Sierra Madre to Carmona, Cavite. Because of this, the areas of Quezon City, Bulacan, Rizal, Pasig, Taguig, Muntinlupa, San Pedro and Sta. Cruz Laguna might be affected by the earthquake since they are close to the fault.

Study Shows that 37,000 May Be Killed of Earthquake in Metro Manila and Rizal

On the Launch and Handover of Multi-hazard and Risk Maps for the Greater Metro Manila Area which was also the date for the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction held on Thursday at Crowne Plaza in Ortigas, the study was presented.

This study is essential to the safety of the citizens particularly in Metro Manila and Rizal. CenterTechNews salutes the government and also the government of Australia for this study in order to be prepared. May we see more studies to come in the future! Source: Inquirer, abs-cbn

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