The last set of kids who battled was among Earl, Twittle and Angelo. These kids had problems during the rehearsal with regards to keys and notes that is why Coach Sarah really did her best in order to train the kids to be able to perform well. She reminded them to be versatile, flexible in voice and consistent in note because those were the qualities of a good artist.

During the performance, the kids did their best in order to convince their coach to pick them and though there were flaws on the performance, the three completed the performance well. They gained comments, advices and appreciations from the coaches.

Earl Won Over Twittle and Angelo for The Sing-offs of The Voice Kids Philippines

Coach Lea said that Angelo should control his movement, Twitter had problems with the notes at the beginning but later on found herself on the song. Coach Lea chose Earl because of being simple in terms of delivery. Coach Bamboo laughed when Angelo growled, With regards to Twittle’s performance, he noticed that there were points she missed and that she should be relaxed during the performance in order to deliver well the song. Earl was effortless according to him and he has shown versatility during the performance that is why he chose him.

Coach Sarah had to make a very tough decision on who among them will enter the sing-offs. She said that Angelo did his best in order to perform well. Twittle on the other hand was complimented by her for being good looking and she only had to build herself confidence. Earl who sang the KLB before or Kasal Libing Birthday was chosen by Coach Sarah for connecting to her and doing his best in order to win. He has shown interest in the competition and listened to his coach very well in order to improve.

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