The third battle in Team Sarah was among Diana, Tricia and Hannah. The three has powerful voices so it will gonna be a very powerful performance night as they will perform “Better Days.” During the training, Sarah noticed a lot from the three especially for Diana who had a voice that sounded angry to angry. She said that Diana’s voice was lifeless that time and without swag. She was supposedly brining out her voice totally.

The three learned a lot from their coach especially when it comes to performing in front with energy and accuracy. The song Better Days needed energy and accuracy of voice and the three must meet the requirements so that they will advance to the sing-offs. Then the performance began. The three gave their best and they finished well the song.

Diana Won Over Tricia and Hannah on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines

During the giving of comments of the coaches, Coach Bamboo expressed his appreciation to the voice of Tricia that gave everyone the feeling of “Swag.” Coach Lea chose Diana because of very sassy voice and image while Coach Sarah chose Diana which was official.

Coach Sarah explained that the reason why she chose Diana is because of accuracy. She was listening very well, along with the two other coaches and its pretty sure that they all noticed how the three performed if there was hitting of right notes or none. Though Coach Sarah appreciated Hannah because she enjoyed her performance and Tricia for a perfect voice and performance, it was Diana’s accurate notes that made her decide to pick her.

In the sing-offs, we can hear more of Diana’s voice if we are going to support her. Diana was the third member of Team Sarah the advanced to the sing-offs and she will be battling with five more kids who have advanced also.

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