The famous David Blaine will be having a show in Manila for 90 minutes entitled “Real or Magic” on September 12 at the Araneta Coliseum. This is part of Blaine’s first Asian tour. With regards to the ticket, you can purchase it starting at P1,000 up to P6,500 each. Are you a fan of Blaine? This is your chance to watch him perform in person. You can buy tickets from Ticketnet.

The promoter of the said show is Renen de Guia of Ovation Productions. This group was also the one responsible for David Copperfield’s performance in 1989.

Embracing street magic tricks, Blaine became popular starting in 1997. He was featured on television that eventually increased his popularity. Blaine also did an endurance performance for being soaked in ice for 63 hours and also by means of holding his breath underwater for 18 minutes. These really tested his endurance and put his life on the line. Blaine’s influence is Harry Houdini.

David Blaine will Perform in Manila Philippines on September 12, 2014

David Blaine aged 41 was born on  April 4, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. His mastery of his craft made him famous all over the world, in fact, there are so many videos of him uploaded on Youtube. Having so many fans around the world, Blaine is considered to be one of the most influential magicians of today talking about his unbelievable tricks and unique style.

Watching Blaine in Manila is a dream come true for Filipino fans out there who would like to see him in person. But more than that, it’s the performance that will surely leave the people speechless for 90 minutes. Reserve your tickets once it is already available to avoid any hassles of getting one. Make sure to see possible promos to save money. Can’t wait to watch David Blaine live.

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