The second battle from Coach Sarah was among the heartthrobs of the team. This was a different battle, distinct from everything else because of the presence of twins JC and JM. We can still remember that Coach Sarah during the blind audition went with the twin. The four will perform “What Makes You Beautiful” and Coach Sarah said that they need to consider group effort but in case there was a solo, the one should stand out.

The training was vigorous that drained Sam’s energy. The song was also low for Sam that is why they tried to deal with it. What Coach Sarah did was to talk about their crushes just to break the monotony of the training. She explained that they can dedicate the song to their crushes so that they can gather more inspiration. The performance was amazing for the four who gave their energy and efforts in order to have a good result.

Darren Won over JC & JM and Sam on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines

Coach Leah said that she listened very carefully to the four. She liked the energy and the connection. She commented on them and said that Sam was not hitting some notes but with the total performance it was good. Coach Bamboo noticed that there was a pitch problem with Darren since the song was low for him due to the pitch of his voice.

Now their coach will have to speak about their performance. Coach Sarah said that she enjoyed their performance. She noticed that JM and JC  was moving quickly in stage and she reminded them to make sure that they are doing well in the performance though they were moving fast. Darren was noticed by Coach Sarah to be the one who was hard when it comes to hitting the right notes but in the end it was Darren who entered the sing-offs.

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