The  most popular reality signing contest has come into its conclusion with Lyca as the grand champion based on the votes of the viewers. Next to her was Darren Espanto who was raised in Canada. This young artist has impressed the people with his performances which were unbelievable for a young boy like him.

The good thing about Darren is that despite the fact that he got 2nd place in the competition, he felt blessed for the support he got from his fans. Darren would like to try acting and he has a dream of working with his coach Sarah.

Darren Espanto to Stay in the Philippines?
During the competition proper, Darren was emotional when the result was being announced. Darren excellently sang the song that was tasked for him to sing and it was more than fame for her. Darren is really an artist by heart, though he is still young.

The issue now is whether Darren will stay in the country or not. After being popular during the competition, Darren increased in the number of fans. In the social medias alone, they have shown support to Darren. And because of this, it is his fans’ request for him to stay in the country. They wanted to view and listen to some more of him.

Coach Sarah and the other coaches during the competition have complimented Darren’s performance because of his voice. Darren was one of the four remaining artists who competed on the live finals. During the competition, he did his best to win. He followed Sarah’s advice's and despite being good enough to sing, he never became complacent of his talent. Darren on his status has shown humility and that is one of the reasons why his fans would like him to stay in the country aside from being good-looking.

Update: Now Confirmed that Darren Espanto Will Stay in the Philippines, read more here.

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