From having 18 kids on the team, Coach Sarah had to pick two of them who will be battling on the semi-finals after making it to the sing-offs. During the sing-offs, six kids battled with each a chosen song they need to perform. The kids went through tough trainings in order to be picked by the coach. The drum roll was intense and Coach Sarah picked Darren first and then Lyca.

When the time came and Coach Sarah had to choose only two among them, she was emotional. She explained to the kids that they were not losers and each and every one of them had its own timing and time when to win.

Update: Summary of Semi-Finals of The Voice Kids Philippines with hashtag #TVKSemiFinals

Darren and Lyca from Team Sarah Advanced to the Semi-finals on The Voice Kids PH
Watch Semi-Finals Videos:

To further discuss about the performance of each of the kids, here they are.

Darren – The first on to perform was Darren. Darren’s soft and consistent voice impressed the people as well as the coaches. He sang “Listen” by Beyonce which is a very challenging song because of the key. Coach Sarah said that she had already stepped and a step is needed in order to make it to the semi-finals that is why he needed to do his best. Coach Lea said “you made it!” He was competitive and had a voice that was so powerful. Coach Sarah admired his performance.

Gab – The second one who performed was Gab. Gab performed in order to show to her coach appreciation about the things that she did for her. She sang “American Boy” and she was advised by her coach to enjoy her performance. Her performance was a bit jazzy and soulful in style. Coach Bamboo said that she was a complete package. Coach Sarah said that that her performance was not easy but she was very good at it. She gave her 100% effort.

Earl –Earl was the third young artist who performed. He sang the song “Ikaw” that gave everyone the chills. The OPM song was delivered by him very well the impressed the coaches. Coach Bamboo said that he had to be consistent with the notes and his voice was crystal clear. Coach Sarah praised him for having an advanced and unbelievable performance as a product of his efforts to listen very well.

Kyle – Kyle was the fourth young artist who performed. What’s interesting about her is that she is a fan of her coach. Kyle performed “No Air” and she did very well. Coach Lea said that she admired her for her very good performance and Coach Sarah admired her stage presence and originality since she was not imitating anything or anyone’s performance.

Diana –The fifth young artist who performed from Team Sarah was Diana. Diana sang Gary V. hit “Natutulog Ba ang Dios” wherein she performed well. Coach Lea noticed that she was shaky at the beginning but things became better as the song went by.  Coach Sarah said that she was consistent and accurate as well and the clarity of her voice was her asset. Diana did a great job.

Lyca – Lyca was the last kid who performed in the sing-offs. Lyca being a child of a scavenger did her best for her family. This gifted child sang “Dance with My Father Tagalog Version” that really stunned the audience, especially the coaches. Coach Bamboo appreciated her for telling stories of the song and she was so relaxed about her singing and the true color of her voice went out. Coach Sarah saw her potential and her desire to win despite the fact that she was not perfect.

The drum roll was intense and Coach Sarah picked Darren first and then Lyca. The two will have to advance to the semi-finals.

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