A Controversial photos of Daniel Padilla holding Beer and Cigarette is spreading nowadays and became viral. It was about him smoking and holding bottle of beer. We have known Daniel as “blind item” in Kapamilya network ABS-CBN for allegedly performing drunk in front of 20,000 people. It happened on a certain private event and right now, here come another pictures of him, this time, more vivid but he denied that he was the guy on the pictures. 

When we look at the photos, it was like him but still there are people who are not convinced that it was Daniel. Well, according to him, the pictures should be ignored and he kept on denying it. The pictures have similarities when we look at them with regards to the shirt and shorts and if it is really Daniel, well, what can we say? This is scandalous considering the fact that he is admired by the youth of this generation.The picture has made a lot of people down because he is at the verge of his success. 

Daniel Padilla Viral Controvertial Photos Holding Beer and Cigarette

Now let me just talk to you, readers. Look at very closely the pictures. If you know Daniel Padilla and you are a fan, you probably are more accustomed to his image. You can easily distinguish him from the many. The testimony of Daniel on the issue of The Buzz clarified the issue but there is still a suspicion from the many. Who do you think is the one in the picture? Is he Daniel Padilla or not? Why or why not?

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