Daniel Marsh, one of the hosts of Juan Direction, a documentary style reality show on a certain television that is aired weekly allegedly mauled Cabbie Edward Villanueva, 49, of World Taxi in front of a Mandaluyong condominium. The mauling was allegedly done after the host was not able to pay his fare of P78.50 pesos and insisted that he didn’t have money. The said amount of fare was reflected in the taximeter of Villanueva.

According to Philstar report, the story is Marsh stepped inside the taxi at around 5 a.m. outside the Prive Luxury Club at The Fort in Taguig to go to the Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong. While they were on their way to the destination, the Irish-Filipino host was talking about him losing his wallet, ATM and money in the club. He was tipsy that time.

TV Host named Daniel Marsh Alleged Unable to Pay Taxi Fare of P78 Mauled the Driver

When they arrived at Tivoli, the host stepped out of the taxi and said “I’m free.” And because the driver demanded payment, he said “No.” Marsh then said again “I’m free, I’m not joking” and kicked Vilanueva’s taxi because of insisting of payment. Mars then mauled him and hurt him through a head butt according to the taxi driver. A 100 peso bill was then thrown to the driver before the host went up.

A witness who refused to be known said that there was loud noise during that time and he saw that a foreign guy punched, cursed and shouted at the taxi driver. He also heard about the banging of the taxi. He added that the poor taxi driver’s window was broken. The witness then told the guards to call the police. He was identified as one of the hosts of Juan Direction and living at Heliconia 806. After 10 minutes, the barangay police arrived but the host did not come down to face the authorities. Villanueva went through medication.

We will update about this issue in our future articles to confirm if this story about TV Host named Daniel Marsh Alleged Unable to Pay Taxi Fare of P78 Mauled the Driver are true.

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