After seven months when Billy admitted that he was courting Coleen, there is now a confirmation from Billy Crawford through the noontime show “It’s Showtime” that he is already in a relationship with Coleen Garcia. A few months ago, there was no confirmation coming from any of them about the real score of their relationship despite the fact that photos spread online with Billy and Coleen being together on a vacation in Japan.

Coleen said that she doesn’t want to put brand on a relationship and she had this feeling that is hard to explain that when they are together, she is happy. Both of them are hosts of It’s Showtime with Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis and many more. It was Vhong Navarro whom Billy admitted the reality about his being in a relationship with Coleen.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are Now Official Celebrity Lovers

Coleen admitted that she was just waiting for the right time to accept Billy’s proposal. Lately, there was a news that spread about the unexpected meeting of Coleen and Billy’s ex-girlfriend Nikki Gil. The situation was so fast that they didn’t have the time to talk. The two were then interviewed on separate locations and both of them agreed, and they did not deny that they saw each other in a certain event in Subic.

Billy and Coleen are open about their relationship and now Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are Now Official Celebrity Lovers. It’s just that they have waited for the right time. Now that they are together, everyone is so excited about the outcome of their relationship. Both of them are in the showbiz industry and appearing in television shows. Billy was once an artist internationally and went back to the country for a good career. And now that he is in a relationship with Coleen, what could happen? And what do you think? You are free to comment below. Anyways, congratulations to the new showbiz couple.

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