Claudine Barretto’s issue regarding the wounds and bruises on her thigh exposed through images of her photo shoot that revolved online has captured the attention of many. And here comes another one days after the release of the said photos. This time, it was posted by her lawyer on Twitter. The photos are Claudine’s “battered” pictures of her face before and after having a makeup. Her lawyer defended Claudine against the attack of those who are going to say that the photos are fabricated. According to her, a woman should keep herself beautiful despite the fact that she is going through something. And this was, according to her, what Claudine did – to hide the traces of being battered through makeup.

Update: The Truth Behind Claudine Barretto’s Bruises Revealed by Raymart Santiago

Caludine’s "Battered" Photos Before and After Makeup Posted by Her Lawyer

On the other hand, the camp of Raymart Santiago is not giving comments on the said pictures because Claudine has kept secret the details of the one who did this to her. In short, she is not addressing this to anyone, including Raymart. According to her, the reason why she is doing this is on order for her to stand for the rights of those who are experiencing violence, especially women and children.

Here are the tweets of @FerdieTopacio

This has gathered several good and bad comments online and Claudine is now the talk of the town because of her photos that have gone viral. Claudine allegedly kept the bruises while undergoing treatment and according to her, her family didn’t know about her wounds.

There are people who are curious about the real score between her and Raymart since a photo became viral with her posing with Raymart. The netizens then presumed that the two have reconciled. The relationship of the two became controversial lately with the different issues involved. Meanwhile, Claudine is undergoing treatment for her bruises.source: gmanetwork

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