One of the most controversial issues nowadays is the pictorial of Claudine Barretto that eventually revealed her wounds and bruises on her thigh. Claudine is currently undergoing medication for the wounds and bruises and according to her doctor, there are black spots surrounding the wounds, which means, it is already old. Claudine did this in order to stand in behalf of abused women. She didn’t deny that she is a battered wife under Raymart Santiago. Claudine Barretto is about to file charges to her former husband Raymart Santiago due to her alleged failure to support their children. We have known before that a picture was uploaded on social media wherein she, their children and Raymart posed on a picture.

Update: The Truth Behind Claudine Barretto’s Bruises Revealed by Raymart Santiago
Update: Claudine’s "Battered" Photos Before and After Makeup Posted by Her Lawyer

Claudine Barretto’s Wounds and Bruises Shown

This issue has gathered a lot of responses and comments from netizens. There are commentators who claim that everything was self-inflicted looking at Claudine’s lifestyle and the like. There are also questions why the bruises did not appear when she was at the airport with Tulfo. According to some of the commentators, Claudine was wearing short shorts that time but there were no wounds, nor bruises seen. On the other hand, there are also defenders of the actress saying that they should stop judging her because they don’t know what she is going through.

Claudine Barretto is famous for her roles in television and appearance in movies such as Home Along Da Riles, Anak, and many more. What do you think about this issue? You are free to give your comments below. source: GMAnetwork

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