The news about the alleged suicide of Deniece Cornejo is sad. Well, in behalf of CenterTechNews, we are sad about it. This country is a free country, and as much as possible, we would like to have justice served. We do want that the cases will be solved and that there will be no one who will be oppressed. But that is not always the case. There are times when we go through the ups and downs of life and we should have positive responses on them. To Deniece Cornejo, life is precious and we should not waste it.

If there is one particular thing that we should consider in waiting for justice to come, it should be improving ourselves and the finding meanings in the situations we are into despite the fact that it is hard. Deniece should not do such thing again since justice will not be achieved that way.

CEnterTechNews' Reaction on Deniece Cornejo’s Alleged Suicide

The situation of Deniece inside the jail is different when she was outside of it. We remember Deniece brought a bible inside the jail and that is a good thing to do. The best demonstration of kindness and the like are found in the bible. If that is the focus of Deniece, there will surely be a realization om her and she could find meaning inside the jail.

It is painful for someone when his filed course will be junked. Deniece may have felt that the kind of feeling that is why she decided to commit suicide, and it’s good to know that Deneice is changing a lot.

Denice Cornejo’s rape case against Navarro was junked by the DOJ because of several reasons. Deniece should stop doing some foolish things just to let people know that she has been oppressed. Again, Deniece, keep calm.

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