Manila, Philippines – This is an exclusive news from CenterTechNews. Last July 24, 2014, the official website of the famous CD-R King was put down by a hacker who identified himself as Fihack. The website was down for more than an hour at around 11 in the evening. This was reported by a Facebook user named John Clarence Juntar. Because the dashboard of the website was entered, the homepage was changed with a  slogan saying “Your site was hacked by FiHack for Palestine” that became visible for an hour for those who visited CD-R King’s official site. Again, it lasted for an hour.

As of now, there is no clue as to the main purpose of the hacker, only his identity through an alias was introduced. The site came back to normal functioning after undergoing maintenance for 30 minutes The incident of hacking was reported by a concerned follower of CDR-King official Facebook page. CD-R King website is now back to normal. 

CD-R King Official Website has been Down by FiHack last 24th of July, 2014

Below was the post done on Facebook about this hacking indecent for CD-R King website.

We will update this post as soon as we get feedback from CD-R king. Bookmark this page for easy access if you want to get updated about this incident.

Previously, A certain announcement on Facebook by CDR King surprised the people. This is with regards to the selling of Google Glass by CDR King which is a computer glass that one can wear by the company. Many could not believe that this will happen soon and we will be able to purchase the product on several stores nationwide. But soon it came out that the announcement were not true. Because of what was posted, CD-R King is asking of apology for the inconvenienced that was caused by the post and it asks to cancel any idea or information in the minds of people regarding the selling of the said Google product. The name of CD-R King’s Facebook page that posted the announcement is CD-R King, Your One-stop Media Provider!

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