Manila Archibishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle has announced the visit of Pope Francis in the country on January 15 to 19, 2015. Before the pope will set foot in the country next year, he is going to visit Sri Lanka first from January 12 to 15. This is another history in the Catholic faith since the pope rarely visits the country. We can still remember the famous popes who visited the country before like Pope John Paul II and others.

Because of the pope’s visit to the country, Cardinal Tagle said that the Filipinos should prepare for this by practicing acts of mercy and compassion because these will be the theme of the pope’s Apostolic visit. According to Cardinal Tagle, a message was received by them with the Vatican confirming the visit of the pope.

Cardinal Tagle Announced Pope Francis will Visit Philippines in 2015

With regards to the visit of the pope in the country next year, there is still no particular program for him but Cardinal Tagle assured that Pope Francis will visit the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban as well as Manila. This will be a grand event in the Catholic faith and the agenda for visiting have something to do with the theme which is “mercy and compassion.”

When a pope visits the country, security measures are done in order to protect his life. The president has also called on the attention of the Filipino people for cooperation on the near visit of the pope.

The pope’s visitation is an honor to the country. A pope rarely visits and this should be cherished. With regards to the agenda of the pope’s visit, we will update you here once we have gathered enough information.

Congratulations in advance to the Catholic community since they are able to see their leader in Vatican: Pope Francis.

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