Manny Pacquiao has thrown a statement that he has a plan to retire in 2016 for the sake of running for senator. Well, this issue has once again divided the people into two groups which are those who are in favor of his decision and those who are not. No matter what is his decision, Manny has proven to the world that he is really a champion and a Filipino pride.

The people’s champ is planning to run under the banner of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) which has contacted him to join the party. In a certain episode of “Tapatan Ni Tunying’” Manny has said that there is a high tendency for him to run the senate in 2016 due to a conversation that he has done with UNA.

Boxing Career of Manny Pacquiao to Retire in 2016 for Senatorial Election

Before the big decision for Manny, we still have to look at his business with a younger American opponent in the person of Christopher Mark Algieri  which is set on November of this year. This opponent of Manny wants to prove something and he is confident enough to beat Pacman on a bout this year. After this, Algieri is looking forward to fighting the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Right now, we can still look forward to watching Manny Pacquiao Movie which speaks about the life of Manny and how he dealt with the challenges of being a boxer up to the point of being at the top. And though he was already at the top, he is still the humblest boxer ever. Yes, this is Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is more than just a boxer, he is also a pastor and charity volunteer.

There’s nothing wrong with Manny Pacquiao’s plan of exiting boxing if that is what he wants but we still want him to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. next year.

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