Beware about 'CHANGE FACEBOOK THEME COLOR!' Spam on Facebook and Don't Click it or else you'll be one of the many victims of this newest Facebook spam wherein your account will post spam to all other Facebook timelines or pages connected to your account unknowingly and without prior consent.

I don’t know why those people still love doing this. The main purpose of doing this is to earn money and that is the bottom line of everything. If you are going to click the link "http://apps. facebook. com/fbchangelayouts/" or https://apps. facebook. com/themsandcolors/ or, you will be directed to a certain site that contains the instructions that if you will follow, you'll spread the spam links too.

Beware about 'CHANGE FACEBOOK THEME COLOR!' Spam on Facebook Don't Click

Below is the actual landing page if you are able to click the link just like
 the image shown above. Please don't make any attempt of doing this. Let’s stop the spread of the Spam!
Beware about 'CHANGE FACEBOOK THEME COLOR!' Spam on Facebook Don't Click landing page

This is one if the effective scheme in social media that we could be a victim. In some cases, there are malicious contents and viruses sent to the computer of the one who is able to click the link and we should be aware of this in order to safeguard our computers and online accounts. You have to verify first if the link is legit. You can probably ask someone who has an idea about the link so that you will not become an online moneymaker’s prey. Please share this post to your friends to inform them.

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