Apple, the famous and one of the largest technology company in the world released an update for iOS 7.1.2. Every time an update is released, there are reasons behind and it is not just limited to the thought of providing a new perspective on the product but also in order to fix bugs. Yes, and Apple is bound to fix bugs on the previous version of the iOS which include iBeacon, Mail and accessory connectivity. These are only minor bugs.

There are people who are waiting for the iOS 8 but it is still not ready and for now, a minor update is released for the sake of security and other fixes as what I have mentioned. The release note states that there is an improvement on the 23.1MB patch connectivity for iBeacon, data transfers are allowed to third-party accessories, e.g. bar-code scanners, and important data-protection changes are made for Mail attachments.

2014 Apple Released Update for iOS 7.1.2 to Fix Bugs on the Previous Version of the iOS

For the users, the software can be downloaded through the  Software Update tab under General Settings,or through iTunes. Take note that downloading should be completed within a few minutes and if it has exceeded a longer amount of time, then there might be something wrong and it is advised that downloading should be repeated, though this rarely happens.

March was the last major update for iOS 7 that improved the Touch ID and Car Playintegration. Apple is seeing to it that its subscribers are served well with major and minor updates in its iOS such as this.

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