Twitter grade levels of different celebrities online using the said social networking site were tested and one of the Filipina celebrities name Anne Curtis ranked at the 28th spot. The way to measure this one is through the SMOG or the Simple Measurement of Gobbledygook or simply SMOG test. Leonardo di Caprio who is an environmental activist topped it. The tweets were analyzed and the results put Jimmy Kimmel, Samuel L. Jackson and Justin Bieber’s mom are the sharpest celebrities online.

Going back to Anne Curtis, it is amazing how this Filipina actress made it to the rank with Pattie Mallette, Jimmy Kimmel, Ludacris, Green Day, Wyclef Jean, Jessie J, and many more. Twitter is nowadays one of the most famous social networking sites with so many users. It only shows that Twitter is not just dedicated for the sole purpose of sharing posts through tweets.

Anne Curtis Ranked 28th Twitter Grade Level Tested by Time Magazine

It is easier to look at the profiles of different personalities online with the use of this social networking site that is why the Twitter grade level test was made possible. The list of those who ranked that surfaced online can be found on and also on this site since CenterTechNews is also delivering this news to you for your knowledge

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! Good Morning!  "@TIME: These are the smartest celebrities on Twitter http://

Anne Curtis is one of the most talented Filipina actresses in the country today known for her being an actress, model, product endorser, host, singer, etc. With these classifications of the actress, there is no doubt that she will surely be included on the list. Reference: Time

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