After China Roces, here now is Angel Gutierrez and she was identified by netizens by comparing the girl on the video on her images uploaded online. The thing is Angel’s accounts on Pinterest, Instagram and Giftboom are already kept private and it is hard to find any information and photos on the said accounts. While Angel is linked to Paolo Bediones’ video, there is still no concrete evidence that would prove that she really was the girl on the video. Well, I guess it would be Paolo who can say who the real girl is as he is still silent on the issue.

This news is currently spreading online showing some proofs and evidences but they are still standing in an unstable ground and subject to further investigation to prove true. The issue about Paolo Bediones’ alleged sex scandal video has spread online after a blind item on a certain news portal spread but not mentioning any name of possible person on the video. The image were posted on China Roces page here.

Angel Gutierrez is Now Linked to Paolo Bediones Video Scandal as Identified by the Netizens

According to a certain blogger, Paolo did admit that he had a sex video with someone but he destroyed already the video and any proof that may spread someday. It is still hard to know the reasons and the ways on how the video has spread online. We will know soon and we will update you here when Paolo will have a statement. This is one of the hottest news of today and there were reports that it has competed against the SONA issue when it comes to being trending and viral.

Going back to the issue of Angel Gutierrez on the video, do you think she is the girl on the video? If yes, why? If no, why not? We will update you soon.

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