Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano denied that they are already engaged. But aside from that, there is this small issue that was brought out on “Kris TV” wherein host Kris Aquino believe that they have to have “one faith” if they would like to settle down. Angel disagreed with this and said that there is nothing wrong if they have different practices in faith since they worship only one God.

Angel is a Christian while Luis is a Catholic but according to her, religion is not an issue since she grew up with the kind of family where she is right now. She also said that sometimes she does some Catholic rituals as well like going to Baclaran to light a candle. It only shows that religion is not a hindrance to their relationship. Both of them are respected actors and actresses of their time with so many accomplishments.

Angel and Luis and their Religious Differences

Right now, the two are busy in their careers without taking for granted their relationship since they are together again after a long time. Luis Manzano is currently the host of The Voice Kids where she doing well with his being “Lucky Mazano.”  On the other hand, Angel is also packed with so many breaks in ABS-CBN and she is currently working on the remake of Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

With the situation of the two, do you think it is okay for them to have separate kind of faith talking about religions denomination? Leave your comments below.

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