Texas, USA, This is something that you will surely like. In a certain station called KWES-TV is Alexa Williiams working.  She was recording one day about the news that she was about to render when she noticed something different about the script and she started suspecting about something. When she finished reading the script, her boyfriend appeared with a bouquet of roses that really surprised her. His name was Wayne Dunson and he set upped everything just to propose to her girlfriend.

Wayne Dunson was on her knees when she gave the bouquet of flower and ring. This is one of the most unusual proposals done in television with someone interrupting someone’s job just to get an attention. Stage fright was there for Dwayne but he overcame this. In the end, the Odessa woman said “yes” to him. They hugged and kissed each other as a sign of their love and strength of relationship.

News Anchor Named Alexa Williams Shocked After Reading the Wedding Proposal Introduction by Wayne Dunson
The photos became viral and even became a topic of several news around the world. It really pays to do an effort since in the end, there is a reward. And for Dwayne, you’re the man! You did a great job!

The two are set to be married hopefully soon and if ever we will be able to get information about their wedding, we will post it here. Keep reading CenterTechNews for more updates on the possible wedding of the Odessa girl and Dwayne. This is a very rare news.

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