Air Asia RP jet Flight #C 8997 bound to Cebu was the reason why several passengers complained about their delays on their trip and too much heat inside the plane due to an aircon malfunction. Gretz Sente uploaded a video via Facebook about the commotion that happened inside the said jet due to the feeling of discomfort of the passengers and alleged poor service of the crew of the said jet.

The video caught the attention of the netizens, especially the testimony of Gretz Sente telling the story of what happened inside. According to her, she asked why is it that there was no aircon turned on and one of the attendant said that the aircon will be turned on after a few minutes but 20 minutes passed already and there was no aircon turned on.

AirAsia’s Passengers Complained Because of Aircon Malfunction

It was so hot inside the jet according to her and there was no water that was given by the attendant to the passengers who were suffering from excessive heat including a pregnant woman who embraced the cooler already. A kid was crying inside and everyone was fanning themselves just to get ventilation.

The issue now is subject to investigation and the company is making sure that they will be able to fix things right on the jet because it is hard to take a risk when already meters above the ground. We do hope that things will change for the better for AirAsia because they are carrying lives.

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