One of the most horrible things that could happen up in the sky is accident – accident that has something to do with crashing airplanes. After what happened to MH17, here comes another air tragedy that took 47 lives in Taiwan. A TransAsia Airways plane crashed on an island off Taiwan during its second attempt to land. There was thunderstorm in the island during that time.

Because of what happened, the president of TransAsia named Chooi Yee-choong made an apology. The apology was aired in television. The plane was identified as a 70-seat ATR 72 carrying 54 passengers and 4 four crews on board. It was reported that no one was killed on the buildings. The reason behind the crashing of the plane was thunderstorm this was claimed by several personnel.  For the record, 11 people were sent to the hospital, 100 firefighters were sent along with 152 military personnel and 255 police in order to control the situation.

About the Crashed TransAsia Airways Plane in Taiwan

This is another sad story of wasted lives due to tragedy. The visibility during that time was 1,600 meters with the clouds covering as low as 600 meters. There was a problem on visibility that might have affected the performance of the plane that led to its fatal destruction.

TransAsia Airways did a humble move of allowing their leader apologize for what happened. This is an attitude worth emulating. And for the family of those who were included in the plane crash, we extend our condolences.

This 2014, there were so many planes that crashed in different situations. Maybe there is a need to re evaluate once again the conditions of the planes and the competency of the pilots to avoid tragedies such as this again in the future. We cannot predict accidents but we still have the means to prepare.

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