Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, An interesting story about 3-year-old girl that was declared dead for 24hrs hours awakened at her funeral day. According to the article posted on Thedailypedia , the child was supposed to be buried on July 12, 2014 around 1:00pm when she suddenly rose from her coffin. The miraculous event happened at the church of Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur during the last sacrament ceremony done by a priest.

Lot of questions are roaming around the netizen... Did the family of the child consulted a physician first?  Why did the family decided to bury the child after 24hrs of believing that she was already dead? There are lot of questions regarding this miraculous event and we will update this news as soon as we got a concrete explanation from the involved relatives.

3-Year-Old Filipino Girl Wakes Up at Her Funeral at Zamboanga del Sur

This viral video were first posted by Catherine Romanaso on her Facebook timeline. The said video reached about 17,843 Shares as of July 14 at 11:30am and still counting. This news were aired on News5 Interaksyon as of July 14, 2014. Watch the video uploaded on Centertechnews Facebook page or on the embedded video below.

Update: The "3-Year-Old Filipino Girl Wakes Up at Her Funeral at Zamboanga del Sur" is not True, it was confirmed by ABS-CBN Tv Patrol that the child is already dead.

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