1343 Actionline is probably the mobile application that is worth putting in mobile phones. This is due to the fact that this is against human trafficking and its launching is a great contribution to solving this problem. With the help of Quantum X, Inter-Agency Council Against Human Trafficking (IACAT) through its Advocacy and Communications Committee (ADVOCOM) and the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) has launched this application that can be downloaded and installed for free from Google Play installed in any android device. This may soon be available in IOS.

This mobile application works by means of reporting incidents of human trafficking in real time. When you have this mobile app in your phone, you will be able to attach photos and videos as evidences and identities are confidential.

1343 Actionline a Useful Mobile App Against Human Trafficking Launched

1343 Actionline is accessible 24/7 which means one can report any human trafficking act any time of the day and night, since there are acts that are done at night. For the record, since the launching of the mobile app in 2011, it has already received 21,069 calls resulting to 296 actual cases involving 249 victims.

Below are the previews of 1343 Actionline Mobile Application Against Human Trafficking
Preview of 1343 Actionline a Useful Mobile App Against Human Trafficking

Having this app in mobile phones is a necessity. Well, we live in a country prone to human trafficking and we need to solve this issue. With proper usage and responsible reporting of human trafficking incidents, we will be able to contribute to the protection of welfare of each individual. The issue sometimes is that reporting incidents like this in person is threatening but since the identity of someone who is reporting is anonymous, this is very helpful and the reporter is also protected.

Let us make a habit of helping the government solve this issue. We are directly affected by this issue and since we have our mobile phones, we can make a difference. Yes, we can.

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