First and foremost, I would like to clarify something that this article is not meant to discourage or encourage you to make use of Supreme Wealth Alliance or popularly known as SWA as your source of income. This is an article about collective data gathered to point out the strength and weaknesses of the said online-based networking business. In the end, it’s up to the reader if he is going to try the business or not.

SWA or Supreme Wealth Alliance has a library called Supreme Wealth Library where products like ebooks, videos, audios, fonts, templates, scripts, graphics and many more are found. These products have the capacity to provide a wide range of information to the subscriber. Once someone becomes a member of SWA, he will not just become a buyer of these products but sellers as well. And one of the features of SWA that attracted so many subscribers is the capacity for them to earn money by going online which may not be 100% true for everyone.

Why We Discourage You to Join SWA

Making Money with SWA

As what I have said, SWA is one of the ways to make money online. And for one to be able to understand the system, there is a video presentation viewed by the subscriber where the essential things about the business are introduced. The most common ways in making money with SWA are 2x2 Matrix and Infinity pass up. Well, I will not discuss here the system or the mechanics on how to make money with these systems but I will give you my insight on the positive and negative sides of SWA.

Positive Side of SWA

Starting with the positive side. The good thing about SWA is that it is very cheap as compared to other networking businesses and the products are online based, so all of the transactions are done online. This is good to those who are fond of spending time online on social networking sites since they will have lots of possible contacts to put in their pyramid so that they will be able to create pairs. Earning in SWA is by means of pairing.

Negative Side of SWA

Why We Discourage You to Join SWA? Well, there are several reasons that we have listed that can be grounds for not joining SWA. We are not saying that this is a SCAM but it’s all up to you to understand this post. 

1. The products that are used as “fronts” are not tangible. It means to say that you cannot have them, you cannot touch them and they are not part of human necessity. There are networking businesses out there that you can try with so many benefits unlike this one.

2. Earning in SWA gets lower as time passes by. It means to say that as you stay in the business for a longer time, you will not earn more but less. Well, this is entirely different in other pyramiding system.

3. SWA encourages the members to recommend them to their friends but they cannot share the products to them. The products like ebooks and others have copyright and that means to say that they are the ones who only have the access to the product.

4. Products are delayed. This is a testimony of those who have referred this to their friends. It’s sometimes a cause of misunderstandings.

5. The company has some sort of reputation problem.

6.  Lastly, and you can still add your own experience after this one, is that they will brainwash you with the fact that it is only through Facebook that you are going to earn, but the fact is it is not.

If you wanna prove that SWA is legit or you want to add more details about them, put it on the comment section belowReferences: HowardFacebook

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